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This software provides best way to manage the school in the field of accounts, student's data, results, attendance, communications, etc.
In this software, a drug retailer or dealer can manage his stocks and accounts as well as and provides ledger of the parties either he is a customer or supplier with details.
This product provides an easier way for the industry's management to maintain the company's accounts, stocks, employee data and salaries, product distributions, accounts of customers, etc.
With this application, a retailer or small business can maintain their stocks as well as customer's accounts and make fast billing to the customers with 100% accuracy and a good bill.
This system is for Financial tasks which store a brief ledger of a person with a number of conditions to the interest rate on money and report to the management with dates.
In this system, we provide more than on software and they all are in the local networks to provide different features to the different levels of jobs like Reception system, account system, management system, principal system, examination system, and chairman system.

How We Work

We have an agreement document in which we mention all the project details, terms, and conditions of the company and all details of deal price and payment types and installments.
This process can differ from one project to another and the time of completion of the project can be changed during development.

Additional Info

We also provide hardware like desktop, laptop, printers, etc on reliable prices
Our Developer gives training on different topics in computer education with practical projects.

Our Clients From List

LPM College of pharmacy, Bhatni
M S Academy, Majhwaliya
Sant Prabhudeva Model school, Musehari
SUN PVT LTD, Sun Bricks, Gopalganj
S K Kanya Mahavidhyalaya, Salempur
10CGPA School, Deoria